Our wonderful and talented VELOCITY staff have the knowledge, experience, and love for the sport of cheerleading that cannot be matched. All of our staff have exstensive background and awards in the sport of cheerleading, tumbling and dance. We take pride in assisting our athletes in pursuing higher education while staying involved with their passion. The memories, experiences and lasting friendships are priceless. We take great pride in keeping up with the latest trends of this wonderful sport and take great pride is seeing the smiles on our students faces when they accomplish their goals. 

At Velocity Cheer Gym, we take our commitment to safety and security seriously. We are serious about providing a safe building, with great equipment, and safe knowledgeable coaches. This is our commitment to you, and your child.

Listed are a few of the things we provide:

  • USASF Certified Gym
  • USASF Credentialed Coaches
  • AACCA Spirit Line Safety Certified Coaches
  • USAG Credentialed Coach
  • First Aid & CPR Certified Staff
  • ALL Coaches pass an annual Federal Background check through NCSI ("Green Light Clearance")
  • ALL Coaches are required to become certified in concussion safety
  • ALL Coaches have multiple years experience in the levels they teach  
  • Double boarded SPRING FLOOR for safety
  • Multiple safety mats to assist children in learning tumbling
  • Building Security System 
  • Closed practices to assure focus and safety of children


Velocity All-Stars

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