"Velocity: The speed of an object and a specification of it's direction of motion.......and our only direction is to the top!

Come be part of THE ONLY gym in the area to get a bid to the SUMMIT

Come join us for our 5th season!

Mini Level 1

A team for ages 5-6

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Youth Level  2

Teams for ages 6 to 11 - Beginning to advanced teams

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Senior Level 1

A beginning cheer team for ages 10 to 18

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Senior Level 3

An advance cheer team for ages 10 to 18

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The ONLY team in the Bay Area to get a D2 Summit Bid!


If you are reading this and are still "on the fence" about trying out, as an all-star parent who has gone to 2 different gyms I gotta tell you that this is the best gym around! The owner is completely approachable and available which is priceless and I challenge anyone to show me another program that you can say that about!  Go check this out, if your child is interested in cheer you need to start here! Don't think about it....DO IT! We have searched in this area Antioch/Oakley/Brentwood for gyms with open gyms Velocity is the only gym we have seen that has them and advertises them and open them up to the non members which is perfect for kids that do high school cheer and need somewhere to work on skills!

Sunny B.- Brentwood, CA




Season runs from May to April 

Competitive cheerleading is a year long commitment. 

Family Discounts Available

Practice- 2 days per week

Tumbling included in your tuition

Free Open Gyms for the 2017-2018 season

1- free jumps class per week

Cheer camp and Professional Choreography

7-9 Cheer Competitions throughout the year

Summit Teams




Why Velocity?

What is Velocity Cheer Gym?
We are a cheer and tumbling gym in Antioch, CA. We train athletes of ALL levels and ages in cheer, and tumbling. We offer competitive cheer teams that compete all over Northern and Southern California. We also have recreational tumbling and cheer classes. We also do custom camps and choreography for youth and high school cheer squads. 

How long has Velocity Cheer Gym been in business?
We are very proud to say that Velocity Cheer Gym has been around since 2013, but the owner and coaches have been in the industry for over 20 years.

For whom do your teams cheer?
Velocity teams do NOT cheer for a team; they are ON a competitive team and ranked against other cheer teams from gyms similar to Velocity. This is the cheerleading you often see showcased on ESPN. Our sport is extremely athletic and skill based. Cheerleading competitions are held all over the United States; Velocity teams compete primarily in Northern and Southern California.

What ages can my child start tumbling and cheer classes?

At Velocity, tumbling classes start as young as three. Children MUST be potty trained and be able to separate from parents. Our all-star cheer teams range from ages 3-18 years old.

How are tumbling classes at Velocity Cheer Gym different from gymnastic classes?
Tumbling classes at Velocity revolve strictly around floor work. Tumbling training involves trampolines, spring floors and various mats. Athletes begin by learning forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and progress to back handsprings, tucks, and full twisting lay-outs.

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Velocity Family.

Please call (925) 354-0919, We’ll schedule you for a FREE class and tour of our facility and a meeting with one of our awesome coaches to help you determine which program is right for your child.

We are confident that once you see our facility and meet our coaches and athletes, you’ll know that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for!

  • Work Ethic and Respect for One Another:

The athletes at VELOCITY strive for success and work very hard as a team to accomplish their goals. Drama is left at the door!

  • Family Atmosphere:

Every coach knows every athlete’s name even if they are on a different team. Your child is not viewed as a number, but rather a very important member of a family.

  • Famous Parents:

VELOCITY parents are “stars in the stands” and second to none. One would never know who has a child on one team and who has one on the other team. Thunderous chants, cheers, and applause fill the arena when each team performs because every parent is up on their feet for every child.

  • A Coaching Staff of Teachers:

Every coach at VELOCITY is a teacher. Like any strong educator, we push our athletes to their fullest potential while recognizing and accommodating their diverse needs.

  • Convenient Location:

Located in Antioch, VELOCITY is centrally located just minutes from Oakley and Brentwood. Velocity also has members from Pittsburg, Bay Point and Concord. Located right off Hwy 4 down east 18th Velocity is easy to find.

  • Recognition:

Immediately after each competition’s award ceremony, coaches, team members, and parents convene for our own “awards ceremony”. Coaches address the team and review the day’s performances and outcomes.  Any important news or information is shared at that time, too.

  • Awards Banquet:

At the end of each season, we have an awards banquet to recognize each cheerleader, the coaches, gymnastics trainers, and parents. This is a celebration of the year’s events that includes all team members and their families.

  • A Winning Reputation:

If you are impressed with winning, then VELOCITY is a great place to be. Over the years, each team has won several local, state, regional, and national titles and grand championship titles. We are also the ONLY gym in the are to have received a D2 Summit bid to Orlando FL. You’ll find that the athletes who graduate from the VELOCITY program are also “winners” in the real world as they prepare for their college careers or for the workforce.

Velocity All-Stars

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