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Missed Tryouts for our 2018-2019 Season its not to late contact us today or for more information e-mail us at velocityallstarscheer@yahoo.com



Ages 3 and up

Price: $
VELOCITY ALL-STAR NOVICE cheerleading team is the perfect introductory competitive program for anyone interested in cheerleading. It is designed to give more athletes the chance to participate in our program and get the “All Star” experience, at an affordable rate with a minimal time commitment. This is a great start for kids who have little to no experience. We can guarantee that your child will learn all of the basics of cheerleading in a fun and positive learning environment. The team competes locally, with a total of (4) 1-day competitions. The season runs from May through April, with practices occurring once a week for two hours. During practice they will focus on gaining several different skill sets, including tumbling, stunting, and dancing. They will learn a choreographed routine and then prepare that routine to be performed at the competitions where they will compete against other All Star Novice teams. This program generally moves at a slower pace to ensure that the athletes are gaining the skills and technique they need to be successful.


Ages 5 and up 
Price: $$
VELOCITY ALL-STAR PREP TEAMS are one of the most competitive on the West Coast. Our program offers competitive cheerleading for athletes of all ages and all experience levels. Teams consist of athletes with similar skill level, but different athletic abilities. The ALL-STAR PREP teams have minimal skill requirements for each skill level, which allows more athletes to participate. A choreographer creates a 2 minute competition routine that is performed at competitions to compete against other teams of similar age and level. These routines are judged on their level of difficulty, technique, entertainment value, and creativity level. These teams require a full year commitment to our program, practicing ONE time a week for 2 hours. While there are plenty of competitive programs on the West Coast, we believe our gym has an awesome environment for kids to become their all-around personal best. All Star cheerleading is a great opportunity for athletes to learn goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships.



Ages 6 and up

Price: $$$
VELOCITY ALL-STARS “ELITE” TEAMS are one of the most competitive in the East Bay. Our program offers select “ELITE” teams for highly experienced athletes. These teams will compete in Northern California, as well as travel out of state. The ALL-STAR “ELITE” teams have minimum (non travel) & maximum (travel) skill requirements for each skill level being offered. These teams require a full year commitment to our program, practicing two times a week. While there are plenty of competitive programs in the area, we believe our gym is an awesome environment for kids to become their all-around personal best. All Star cheerleading is a great opportunity for athletes to learn goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships. Elite teams will be traveling to Dallas for NCA Nationals and Las Vegas for the Champions League.


VELOCITY SHOOTING STARS CheerABILITIES (formally known as Special needs)

Price $

No Age Requirements

VELOCITY SHOOTING STARS TEAM is one of the ONLY special needs team in the East Bay. Our program offers the best athletes around. This team will compete in Northern California. The SHOOTING STARS team have minimum non travel competitions throughout the year . This team will practice one times a week, with special tumbling classes. While there are plenty of competitive programs in the area, we believe our gym is an awesome environment for these kids to become their all-around personal best and NO ONE should ever not be able to do what they love. 

Season runs from Velocity May '18 to April '19 

Competitive cheerleading is a year long commitment. 

Family Discounts Available

Tumbling included in your tuition

Free Open Gyms for the 2018-2019 season

1- free jumps class and stretch and flex per week

Cheer camp and Professional Choreography


The FIRST team in the Bay Area to get a D2 Summit Bid!

If you are reading this and are still "on the fence" about trying out, as an all-star parent who has gone to 2 different gyms I gotta tell you that this is the best gym around! The owner is completely approachable and available which is priceless and I challenge anyone to show me another program that you can say that about!  Go check this out, if your child is interested in cheer you need to start here! Don't think about it....DO IT! We have searched in this area Antioch/Oakley/Brentwood for gyms with open gyms Velocity is the only gym we have seen that has them and advertises them and open them up to the non members which is perfect for kids that do high school cheer and need somewhere to work on skills!

- Sunny B. Brentwood, CA.


Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Choosing a Cheer Gym

Does it really make a difference where you enroll your child for classes?

If cheer gyms have coaches, equipment and teams, aren’t they all the same? There are 7 main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives, the amount of work parents must deal with and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction your family will experience with a cheer gym. 

1. What are the teaching methods and curriculum used in classes?

Cheerleading is a sport that requires students to learn skills in a certain progression of difficulty. A lot of cheer gyms do not follow a structured curriculum for teaching skills or tracking the skills students have learned. This can hinder and cause unnecessary frustration in the student’s learning process. This is also frustrating for parents because they do not have any easy way to evaluate their child’s progress. Cheer gyms facilities that do not use an organized teaching curriculum based on skill progressions risk teaching poor technique, which hinders the student’s ability to learn and move to advance levels of tumbling. At VELOCITY, owe use a comprehensive curriculum that teaches cheerleading in structured progression of skills. Our curriculum is designed to help students in the most effective manner possible with safety, fun and learning our top priority. Our coaches can easily determine what level each cheerleader is at so that they can be challenged appropriately. Our teachings are also designed to prepare cheerleaders for competition. 

2. Are your coaches USASF certified?

USASF is the governing agency of all-star cheerleading. This agency is responsible to ensure cheer coaches are coaching in accordance with industry standards. Some cheer coaches have not been properly trained or certified to coach cheer. Some cheer gyms/ teams do not encourage or support their coaches’ continuing education, training or certification. Our coaches love cheerleading. Our coaches are passionate about helping cheerleaders reach their highest potential in the sport of cheerleading and in life. They are dedicated to safety, education and training in their pursuit of excellence. Our coaches are USASF Credentialed coaches which means they have been trained and certified by USASF to coach cheerleading in a safe, positive and effective manner. We support our coaches’ continuing education by having them attend conferences to continue their education and training. At VELOCITY this is important because we want to continue to provide high quality cheer experience. 

What is AACCA and are the coaches certified?

AACCA or The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators, is the defining source for all  cheerleading safety education. Coaches who are AACCA certified gain the understanding of how to implement the need for safety as their program evolves.  They can rest, assured that they are getting the BEST safety training from experienced professionals with expert credentials in cheerleading and risk management. All of our  VELOCITYcoaches are certified in AACCA. Our VELOCITY coaches are also CPR, First Aid and AED certified.

3. What if I am new to cheerleading?

At VELOCITY, we offer classes and teams for beginners to advance athletes of any age. We believe this is important to ensure athletes just entering the sport of cheer that they will have a successful learning experience.  Also offering classes and teams for differing abilities and ages ensures that there is something for anyone interested in cheerleading. 

4What type of cheer floor is used?

Cheer is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping, tumbling and stunting. This puts a lot of stress on bones and joints. Most cheer footwear provides little support or cushioning, so the shock of the movement can place a lot of pressure on the knees and backs of cheerleaders. One of the best ways to guard against potential injury is by choosing a gym that has a spring floor option. A spring floor has a sub-floor which acts as a shock absorber for the knees and ankles. Know your floors! Allstar cheerleading competes on a spring floor but school teams compete on a flat floor or “dead floor.” VELOCITY has a spring floor with Flexi Roll panel mats. 

5. What is the gym’s goal for their students?

VELOCITY'S goal is to provide a positive learning atmosphere for students preschool through adult to learn the skills needed to be a competitive cheerleader. We aim to help students develop the skills and basics needed in order to compete successfully and to provide the training needed for them to advance to a college cheer team if they choose. We help increase self-confidence, technical skills, physical fitness, healthy competition, teamwork and a well-rounded education to students that are interested in pursuing cheer and tumbling.

6. Just what exactly is included in the tuition charge for your gym?

Many gyms have a low price initial offer, but additional costs quickly add up. These “additional fees” include items such as group tumbling, private tumbling. It is important to know exactly what you are getting into when choosing a cheer gym so you can adequately budget for all expenses involved. The simple truth is, cheerleading is an expensive sport. At VELOCITY, our monthly tuition includes the cost of unlimited tumbling, open gyms and any other Velocity class offered. We have several payment  breakdowns to help assist with budget needs as well. We also provide information on ways for students and families to fundraise for costs. In addition, our uniforms stay the same from year to year in order to alleviate the cost of a new uniform purchases every single year. 

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