At Velocity we pride ourselves on teaching progression. We will never skip steps teaching your child tumbling. It is very important in tumbling that you take proper steps, Velocity does a very good job of recognizing these progressive skills. Students are required to master a skill before moving on to the next skill, meaning they must not only perform the skill once, but multiple times with success. These skills aren’t thrown out of the program once mastered. Students will continue to work on these skills while learning new ones, and that is not a bad thing. Continuing to practice skills that they have mastered continues to help their muscle memory, strengthens them to get ready for the next skill, and reduces their chance of injury. This is part of the reason why all of our classes follow the same lesson plan, and repeat skills throughout all the classes.

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1 50 Minute class per week..................... $50.00 per month

2 50 Minute classes per week................. $75.00 per month

Drop-in classes are $20.00 per class and are subject to availability.

Payments must be received prior to the start of the first class. Please check in with the office at the start of each session to pay your fees.  Be sure to check the availability of your desired class, the description and desired day.  You may reserve your spot within a class by registering here!

Beginning Tumbling

A tumbling class focused on the beginning and basic techniques of tumbling.  The class will work on various skills such as: forward rolls, backward rolls, backbends, cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, etc.  There is NO PREREQUISIT for this level.

Level 1 Tumbling

A tumbling class focused on: round-offs, front and back walkovers and pre-back handspring drills. 

Student has to have passed Beginning tumbling to take the level 1 classes

Level 2 Tumbling

A  tumbling class focused on the techniques of a back handspring.  The class will work on pre-back handspring drills, standing back handspring repetition, and round off back handsprings.The class will also work on pre-back tuck drills and standing back handspring series with jump connection. 


Level 3/4/5 Tumbling

A  tumbling class designed for those who have perfected both a standing and round off back handspring.  Students will also be introduced to the techniques of a round off back tuck and progress to a round off back handspring back tuck. In this class you will also learn your back tuck and when ready progress to the layout and full twist. 


Flexibility and Flight School (Flex & Fly)

A 50 minute class designed to teach students proper stretching techniques to increase flexibility.  Students will also work on concepts of a flyer such as balance, control, body positions and stability.  There is no PREREQUISITE for this class.

Jumps 101

A class designed to teach students proper Jump form and technique, increase jump height and jump conditioning. There is no PREREQUISITE for this class.

*Great place for the beginning tumbler all the way to older kids wanting to learn basic to advanced tumbling for cheer or recreational purposes.   My daughter has learned so much in a short period of time, love the coaches and small gym atmosphere.

Sandra C.- Oakley, CA

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