Join the hottest cheer gym around, We offer ordinary kids the opportunity to become extraordinary through hard work and determination!

Welcome to Velocity All-Stars

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No experience necessary!


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VELOCITY  is a competitive All Star Cheerleading and Tumbling gym in Antioch, CA. The staff at VELOCITY are highly trained professionals that hold and maintain many certifications in order to stay current on the latest and best teaching techniques of cheer, dance and tumbling. Velocity Cheer Gym is backed by some of the biggest name in the industry.  All of our classes are geared toward achieving your child's goals while having fun and offer ordinary kids the opportunity to become extraordinary through hard work and determination! Check out our calendar for classes and we invite you to come by and visit our facility or give us a call for more information.

Thank you for your interest in VELOCITY and we look forward to meeting you soon. We hope you become part of the VELOCITY tradition!

Remember your first class is always FREE! 

Classes & Programs we offer: 

Competitive All Star Cheerleading for ages 4-18

Special Needs Cheer Team

Recreational Tumbling Classes for ages 4-18 

Group tumbling for Youth teams and High School teams 

Gym Rental

Open Gyms

Cheer Camps/ Choreography  

Private Lessons


*If you are reading this and are still "on the fence" about trying out, as an all-star parent who has gone to 2 different gyms I gotta tell you that this is the best deal around! This is the most affordable gym in the area, if not the entire nor cal region, the beginning of a legacy! The owner is completely approachable and available which is priceless and I challenge anyone to show me another program that you can say that about! And no we are not members of this gym, my opinion is based on my interactions at the gym during their open gym and showcase! Go check this out, if your child is interested in cheer you need to start here! Don't think about it....DO IT! We will absolutely be there for open gyms and who knows....which also brings me to another point we have searched in this area Antioch/Oakley/Brentwood for gyms with open gyms Velocity is the only gym we have seen that has them and advertises them and open them up to the non members which is perfect for kids that do high school cheer and need somewhere to work on skills! I just wish Velocity would have been open 3 years! Could have saved us a lot of drama!

Sunny B.- Brentwood, CA

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"Velocity........Building Champions one step at a time!!"

There is a place for EVERYONE at VELOCITY!

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